Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Details of life #2

Welcome everyone!
Here is your weekly installment of the details of life.    Above: I love this gazing ball-the images reflected seem otherworldly-like some place out of a dream. I imagine chasing a rabbit and stepping though it into Wonderland.

Love the rusted floral motif on the side of this building.  The contrast between the rust and green is unusual and striking.

I hadn't realized before how ornate these railings were on top of the Point Montara Lighthouse. Beautiful.

"Develop interest in life as you see it; in people,
 things, literature, music-the world is so rich,
 simply throbbing with rich treasures,
 beautiful souls and interesting people.
 Forget yourself. "
           Henry Miller

Friday, January 23, 2015

Image for the day

Welcome everyone!
I found this image at a local horse ranch(it was on a stable door-How appropriate-The Duke next to a saddle. -Who doesn't love that!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The details of Life

Welcome Everyone!
Recently I have committed to the 12 step program "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron.. Now I had read this book through at least 3 times but never followed the program chapter by chapter.  If you  have never read "The Artist's Way" I highly recommend it.  This book can be used by artists or anyone that is attempting to find more creativity within.
 " One of the great misconceptions about the artistic life is that it entails great swathes of aimlessness.  The truth is that a creative life involves great swathes of attention.  Attention is a way to connect and survive" Julia Cameron-The Artist's Way"
She is talking about paying attention to details of everyday life. Your life right now. Finding delight and wonder in the little things even when your life is falling apart.   As you do this you realize that every moment is "not without its beauty".
Paying attention, seeing the details is a way to connect with life around you and in turn it helps "fill the well" of your artistic creativity.
I don't know about you but after 4 or 5 shows I feel completely drained.  I find myself devoid of new ideas. To help refill my well I start to flood myself with images, sights, sounds, smells. I give myself permission for artistic play dates or mini vacations:  read a book, take walks, take photos, go shopping, catch up with friends, burn a fragrant candle while I'm working, listen to some music I haven't heard for awhile, go bird watching, walk on the beach, go to the vintage paper fair,  go to the thrift store or flea market, go to lunch and people watch while I'm eating...anything I can do to flood myself with sensory input. Most importantly while on my artistic play dates I try to pay attention to detail.
To this end  I have also designed a project for myself.  Every week I will take images of details around me..  These images will be printed out and placed in a journal that I can reference when I need to. They might even end up in new collages or assemblages.  I will also put these images up on my blog weekly so that anyone reading this blog may see them as well.
For anyone that is blocked artistically or just looking for more creativity in your life I invite you to "see the details" and start your own detail journal.   And just like Julia Cameron states in The Artist's Way " The reward for attention is always healing".
Image above: I found this great vine curl this week. Symmetry of life.
This little garden Gnome is a little creepy but I love the chippy paint and the feeling of age.

Chaos and order in the center of a flower.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Grendel-a dog's curious life in pictures.

2 1/2 month old puppy: Super Grendel-always thought he needed a cape.

Naughty Grendel

Very naughty Grendel

Possessive Grendel-never touch the pig!

Proud parents of a Demon Dog.

Playful Grendel and best buddy Dynamo.

Smiling Grendel.

Beach Walk Grendel-look he's found a stick fish! Grendel continued to walk 1 to 2 times a day until the last day of his life.

Handsome Grendel.

Bah Humbug Grendel.

Patriotic Grendel.
Silly Grendel.

Cone of Shame Grendel.

Loving Grendel.

The Great Dog Grendel
We love you forever.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The best Christmas present I've ever received.

Merry Christmas Everyone,

I have long been a believer in Angels. I'm not really talking about the spiritual ones. I'm talking about the human ones.  Those people who for whatever reason come into your life to help you when your need is greatest.
This Saturday the 20th it became clear that my beloved dog Grendel was dying.  I had always hoped that my almost 17 year old dog would die at home perhaps in his sleep.  But this was not to be.  I called the Half Moon Bay Veterinary Hospital to make the appointment. Dr. Laurie Mckinney was the first vet that Grendel saw as a puppy and she always had a special way with him. I so hoped that she could see him on his last veterinary visit . My hopes were disappointed as I was told that Dr Mckinney was not taking calls this day but she would be in and out of the office.
We brought Grendel into the office and we were told that Dr. Mckinney was in and that she would be taking the appointment from a colleague. 
I really can't express how relieved both my husband and I were. She wasn't asked to be there; she didn't have to be there. But she cared enough to see Grendel one last time.  When the appointment was over she thanked us for the priviledge of getting to know our dog and care for him.
This is true dedication. This is everything that a vet should be. This is love. This was the best Christmas present I have ever received.  Dr. Mckinney, her colleagues and staff will always have my respect, admiration and gratitude for their loving care of my dog during the last minutes of his life.

The real point to my little story is to remind you all that at your lowest moments there is an angel waiting to help you. You just have to allow your heart to be open and your eyes to see it.

And God bless us everyone.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Welcome Everyone!

Its time for The Colony of Coastside Artists annual Open Studios.  This weekend both Saturday and Sunday 19 studios housing over 30 artists will be open offering their unique art for sale.  This is the perfect start to your holiday shopping. It's also a fun way to spend a day or two as you visit the studios, purchase gifts, talk to the actual artists about their art and as every studio will offer nourishment you can eat and drink to your heart's content.  How perfect is that?!

This year I will be at Patt Sheldon's studio (jewelry and fiber arts)  along with Deanna Adams (Beautiful Sunlight catchers) and Karen Taylor (Joyous hand painted mirrors) at 238 Palma Street in El Granada.  And just up the street at 464 The Alameda Ellen Silva will be selling her amazing painted "fence chunks " to beautify you house and garden.

To print out a map to all the studios please go to the CoCa website at www.colonyofcoastsideartists.com. or you can pick them up at each studio location.  This year promises to be another great open studios.  I hope you will join us!

Also here's a little preview of just some of the items I have for sale:

assemblage: Eye-Teeth

assemblage: "Mothers Love"

Beautiful Pockwatch glass and antique card Christmas Ornaments

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Idea: Bookcover assemblages

Welcome everyone!
This year I have resolved to use more of the materials that I, as a found object collage and assemblage artist hoard on a regular basis-I just can't help it!
One of the items that I love to pick up for almost nothing at garage sales, and flea markets are vintage books.  Now I am not talking about vintage first editions or antique books in perfect shape-I am talking about books that are falling apart or are almost non readable and would otherwise be thrown away. I usually pull the books apart and use the pages as collage backgrounds and collect the covers because I just can't stand to throw away any material that might be of use in a future project or class.
So what do you do with all those book covers?
I have recently started to use them as bases for assemblage.  They are sturdy and can support the weight of a light assemblage and often have beautiful designs that can be incorporated into your art.  Above you can see one of the latest assemblages that I have created doing exactly that.  In the middle of the piece is a beautiful book cover I collected last year-it has an Arts and Crafts flower design in Black and red.  This design  reminded me of the garden of talking flowers in Alice in Wonderland(don't ask me why).  So standing in the middle of the flower design I placed an antique doll dressed as Alice. To mirror the Alice assemblage I collaged a photo of a woman standing in a rose garden above it and surrounded it with paper flowers and leaves and berries. This little collage very effectively hide the book title-which I did not want in the assemblage.  I also thought this collage/assemblage needed a little more color so I attached it to another plain yet rough textured book cover in red with heavy gel medium-making the entire piece a little more substantial.  On top of the red book cover surrounding the middle Alice assemblage I collaged a design I cut out of a sheet of music. Someone valued this piece of music so much that they tried to tape it back together just like I might have.  I loved this sentiment so I left the tape there and incorporated it into my design. I added 3 white mother of pearl buttons to balance the design and the white color in the antique doll. I punched two holes in the red bookcover and added vintage ribbon and buttons so that this piece could be hung on a wall.   On the back of this assemblage I added hand made paper in red and black with a quote from Alice that reads: 
"Never mind"!  Alice said in a soothing tone, and stooping down to the daisies, who were just beginning again, she whispered, " If you don't hold your tongues, I'll pick you!" There was silence in a moment, and several of the pink daisies turned white. "

Here's a close up of this piece:

In the end I was happy with this piece and thought it might be a great addition to a childs bedroom or a nice art piece for an Alice lover.  It was a fun project to create and I was very happy I could find a use for all those "hoarded "vintage materials. And the good thing is that I only used one side of that great flower bookcover!
hummm... now what to do with the other cover?....